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The Conspiracy - All the epispodes

The Conspiracy - Stieg Larsson’s lost files and the hunt for an assassin.


All the episodes

In order to give you a better picture of the structure of the series, here is a short description of each episode. Keep in mind though that we aim to weave the past and the present throughout the series, something which isn’t always visible in a summary. Needless to say, there will always be a cliffhanger at the end of each episode, making you want to keep on listening.

Episode #1 The violent apartment

Reporter Jan Stocklassa is looking for places that inspire people to commit violent crimes. An apartment with a particular gruesome history, leads him to a doctor who ran a hate campaign against Olof Palme before he was murdered. When visiting the doctor’s ex-wife, a famous actress, she suddenly retracts the doctors alibi. This starts Stocklassa on a hunt for the truth.

Episode #2 The lost files 

Who was Olof Palme and why would anyone want to kill him? The murder case has inspired the most outrageous conspiracy theories. Stocklassa scrutinizes the details of the assassination and creates his own theory. By sheer luck he discovers the complete archive of Stieg Larsson, who had been investigating the murder obsessively before he became a world famous author.

Episode #3 Stieg 

We dive into Stieg Larssons archive. Through his vivid letters we hear the conflicting stories of the witnesses, follow the massive blunders of the police and take part in Stiegs’ own search for the assassin. Stieg believed that the South-African secret service was behind the murder, because of Palme’s fight against apartheid. This theory doesn’t match Stocklassas’. Or does it?

Episode #4 The man with the wig

Stocklassa finds out that the doctor had a loyal helper who was with him on the day of the murder: a man in a wig, who used to guard the mansion of the doctor, carrying firearms. Stocklassa tracks him down and finds a way to get close to him through a mysterious woman, Lída, who he meets in Prague.

Episode #5 The middle-man

Under a false identity, Stocklassa travels to Northern-Cyprus, a safe haven for people who want to avoid being extradited. He is looking for Bertil Wedin, a man that Stieg Larsson pointed out as the one who helped the South-Africans find an assassin in Sweden. The police never managed to question him, but Stocklassa does. A series of nerve wrecking meetings follow, that he tapes using a hidden recording device.

Episode #6 Operation Long Reach

After the fall of the apartheid regime, South-African security service agents start pointing fingers at former colleagues, claiming they are responsible for the murder of Palme. The Swedish police however, are not able to find proof. Stocklassa travels to South-Africa to speak to former secret agents that might have been involved in the planning of the murder. They deny, but talk candidly about other operations they’ve organized, and a chilling pattern begins to appear.

Episode #7 Undercover

Lída, the lady from Prague, goes undercover and spends a lot of time with the man in the wig, while Stocklassa is nervously waiting for her report. She secretly records their conversations and travels with him to the scene of the crime and to Palme’s grave. When he smells a rat, he suddenly disappears.

Episode # 8 The safe

At first sight, the man in the wig seems like a strange but harmless figure, but there’s more that connects him to the Palme murder. Hacking into his computer Lída discovers that he was in close contact with Bertil Wedin, the man suspected of being the middle man. In the hacked emails, Stocklassa finds clues to where the murder-weapon might be found. After completing the book, he has even found more evidence that we will reveal in this last episode.