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We are 16 years old and you tell us to calm down, that we have all our lives in front of us. You don’t understand anything

A tv-series and a feature film by Maria Bolme & Catti Edfeldt.


Genre: Drama (12+)
Format: TV-series and a feature film
Status: In development
Country of Production: Sweden


Producer Rebecka Hamberger, +46 (0)70-764 65 75


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Five young people from five different worlds share the same dream - to enter StAr, the school that will make them stars. It's about winning or disappearing. But that life at school was about life and death for real, they didn´t know beforehand.

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The world is up and down! It is said that we face the same groundbreaking changes in society as we did in the end of the 60's. That those who grow up today will change the world completely, that nothing is as it was or will be as it used to be.

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Being a teenager is strong and cruel love for many of them. You break, but you get up again. Beeing a teen is a horrible horror and great time, a time we all adults remember but often the wrong way. A break time. After that nothing will ever be as before. Being 16 years old is like a life in concentrate.

With StAr, we have a dream and vision to show and tell about the will and power of young people to express themselves. That their needs and dreams are worth being taken seriously. We want to create role models for all, not just for those who are driven creators and artists, but also for those who just want to listen, see and recognize themselves. The process, as in our previous productions, will continue to involve young people in the creation.


Maria Bolme and Catti Edfeldt have together created a number of children's and youth productions, tv-series and feature films, such as Sixten, Eva & Adam, Kids in da Hood, and Vera´s world.

Maria Bolme, Scriptwriter and director.

Maria Bolme, Scriptwriter and director.

Catti Edfeldt, Director.

Catti Edfeldt, Director.


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